Achieve Financial Independence Through Entreprenuership

mark zuckerberg

In my previous post about gaining control of your financial life, in tip #13 I mentioned how taking the route of an entrepreneur can be incredibly beneficial to your financial help, depending on your circumstances. Today, I’m going to delve a bit deeper into that tip and lay out the path to becoming an entrepreneur.

Not everyone is born an entrepreneur, but I firmly believe that everyone can become one. You don’t have to read books, or attend seminars, or take classes – entrepreneurs are driven by passion. Do you have passion for something? Maybe it’s cars, cooking, running, model trains, etc. Have you ever thought, “I wish so-and-so could be better?” If you have, you’ve discovered a problem. Now, you must provide a solution.

Search locally and online for solutions to your problem. Don’t see an adequate solution to the problem you’ve discovered? You now have an opportunity in your hands. Prototype, brainstorm, do whatever you need to do to figure out how you can improve that aspect of your passion.

Now, before you run off and go Zuckerberg on everyone, consider if your finances can handle the volatility of becoming an entrepreneur. You may need to take out loans if you’re idea requires physical production, so be sure to have cleared your debt before embarking on this path.

Continued reading: 163 Ways To Becoming an Entrepreneur.


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