How Making Your Bed Can Help You Financially

making bed
Do you make your bed in the morning? Be honest. It’s a difficult habit to get into, especially if you’re not a morning person. However, you may be surprised to hear how making your bed every morning can help you financially. One of the key steps to becoming financially independent is developing the habit of saving, but just like making the bed, it’s a very difficult habit for most people to get into. If you put your mind to it, you can develop that habit. Here’s how:

Making the connection

Before we can start helping ourselves financially through creating of routine of saving, let’s build up to that by creating a routine of another action. I chose making your bed, because I’m writing this article almost right after doing so. Starting tomorrow morning, the minute you jump out of bed, turn around and make it. If you have to do jumping jacks before hand, do them (you’ll be surprised at how awake you become after doing 25 jumping jacks in the morning). You’ll want to stop after the 4th day, but do not. If you can hit two weeks of making your bed every morning, science shows that it will become routine. You’ll wake up and make your bed without even thinking twice about it – it will just become something you do.

The same should go for savings – it should become something you do, just like making your bed. If you’re able to conquer bed making, saving is not much more difficult. If you’re not saving any money at all, let’s start small. Begin by saving whatever amount you’d like in a savings account every week – this has to be money you will not touch unless an emergency occurs. Saving money every week will put you into a habit of saving, and it’s a great habit to have.

Hopefully, you’ve seen the connection between making your bed and saving money for the future. Both are habits, and both habits can be learned if molded into your routine. Just like the first 5 minutes of running, starting the routine can be horrible – But once you get past that, it’s easy going.


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